This room provides provision for 12 babies aged three months to approximately 18 months /2 years old.

The adult to child ratio in this room is 1 member or staff to 3 children.

The room, extension area and sensory room, provide excellent stimulation and tactile activities for your curious and developing baby. The babies in these areas can explore around the soft and homely areas, whilst investigating and exploring the sounds, visions, textures and smells in the world around them.

The staff working in this room have received specialist training to work with babies and are very competent in creating a stimulating environment that challenges your baby, aiding their development. Independent choice of resources is encouraged and adult-led focused activities (e.g. painting) are also provided.

The staff follow the statutory framework called the ‘Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum’. This framework supports children’s development from birth to the age of five years. Activities are provided which meet the individual needs of each baby and children are encouraged to recognise their individuality, efforts and achievements.

Communication plays a larger part in your child’s life at this stage of development and our staff will take a significant part in helping your child to develop their own communication skills through the use of sustained shared thinking, planning activities that encourage communication and through early role-play.

Places are available for an immediate start.

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