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This room and outer area provide provision for children from around 18 months to 30 months. The adult to child ratio for children over 2 years is 1 member of staff to 4 children.

The focus of this room is independence. The children will be encouraged to become more independent by choosing their own activities and toys and tidying them away afterwards, dressing themselves, either to go outside or through role-play, and generally making decisions for themselves.

At this stage in their development your child may be starting to socialise with other children and make friendships. The staff in this room will therefore encourage your child’s communication and interaction skills by allowing them the opportunity to play together and interact as a whole group. This will be done through role-play, circle time, small world play and meal times.

Throughout the day your child can choose which toys/games they would like to use, as well as having access to focused, adult led learning activities. The activities will be determined as part of the daily planning which is displayed on the wall in the room for everyone to see. We encourage parents/carers to take an interest in this, as you can then consolidate what they are learning at nursery, in your own home.

Children will have the opportunity to paint, use play dough and play in the sand and water trays.

The staff in this room will also follow the framework ‘Early Years Foundation Stage’, which enables the staff to monitor each child’s development and plan for their individual needs.

Please ask a member of staff for more details.