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Crocodiles is our Pre-school room and has been designed for the older children over 3 ½ years. The pre-school room is designed to be more like a school nursery where the older children can stay until they are ready to move into a full time reception class at school.

This room extends the work that has been set in motion by the staff in the little pre-school room, so their aims and objectives remain the same, but are tailored to meet the needs of theses older children. The routine incorporates free play while focusing on learning. Small and large group adult-led activities take place daily and children are encouraged to learn letters and sounds, phonics and counting.

This room consists of a toilet suite, an IT room with an interactive smart board and dedicated computer system.

There is a purpose built sand and water area to allow for its continuous provision and many other areas for specialist activities. The Pre-School children also have access to a messy area, where they have the opportunity to paint and be creative.

We plan for education outdoor visits to the library and museum, local parks and play areas along with visiting the different parts of the town centre, including the railway station and market. We have also negotiated the use of the outdoor facilities at the Central Children’s Hub.

Children are encouraged to be independent wherever possible and snack time provides a good opportunity for this. Children in the pre school room are offered pieces of fruit and a drink during the morning and afternoon where they are encouraged to help themselves.

We follow exactly the same curriculum as school nurseries but the similarity ends there.

Where most schools insist on fixed morning or afternoon sessions, we do not.

Where most schools insist that your child is collected after 3 hours, we do not.

Where most schools do not provide dinners for your child, we do. (We charge £2.20 for each meal).

Where most schools do not provide care for your child outside of funded hours, we do.

Where times and days are set at school, we can be flexible (with enough notice).

We use a ratio of 1 staff member to 8 children. In schools the ratio is 1 to 14 children.